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The Phoenix App

Get the Phoenix App today

Our new Home Training app is now available – this compliments our studio classes.

If you are a studio member and you’d like to have access to our app you can purchase this below, or perhaps you you don’t wish to join our online/studio classes and just want access to our app for home or gym workouts.

What you get:

  • Access to a home or gym strength workout plan with full video instructions and an in app calendar -you can also log the classes you did and rate how hard you found your workouts – and also build your own workouts from our full video library of exercises.
  • Our  monthly recipe book with meal plan options and shopping lists.
  • The app allows integration with my fitness pal so you can see your daily nutrition targets we will also have a link to an online calculator for you to workout your calorie targets.
  • The app can also Inter-grate with Apple watches or Fitbit.
  • You will also have access to our In app private group chat with all the other members
  • We also see workouts and Personal bests so it helps with accountability and support !
  • You can also monitor  your progression by use ping the in-app self check-in where you upload your body stats, weight and progress pictures to see how you are getting on month by month.
  • Access to Live Trainings and Bonus workouts


It costs £30 per month to access to our Home Training app.

To purchase, simply click the button below.