Forget everything you think you know about high-intensity workouts. Because INSANITY turns old-school interval training on its head.

INSANITY™ is a cardio class, based on max interval training. This class will push you past your limits with athletic/plyometric drills mixed with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. No equipment or weights needed. You don’t have to be in extreme shape– levels of each exercise are provided. Time to dig deep!

Why should I try it?

High intensity interval training is proven to be a beneficial training method. Make the most of the time that you have to spend in a workout.

Sounds jumpy & fast….

WRONG! High Intensity doesn’t have to mean high impact. Every person’s high intensity is different from everyone else in class. With timed segments, you don’t have to follow the beat of the music, you get in as many repetitions as it right for you!

Why does that name sound familiar?

This workout comes to you formatted for a group setting from Shawn T and Beachbody. They have a popular at home workout that is the same name and similar format. Late night TV junkie? Maybe you have seen the popular infomercial!

Experienced Insanity at home?

Now come get the experience in a group setting! Added energy, enthusiasm, and push from an instructor will help you continue to reach your goals. So why are you waiting for? Why not come along to one of my Insanity classes and find out what it’s all about? My Insanity classes take place in Walsall and Great Barr, find out more details below.

Save money – Buy your classes in advance!

Why not save money and buy 5 classes for £20 (classes are usually £5 each) or better still, why not purchase a Phoenix Dance and Fitness Pass?

For only £45 you can attend as many classes as you like for a whole month, including Zumba, Clubbercise, piYo, Insanity etc.

Please note: The 5 classes card expires 6 weeks after purchase.
You can buy your passes in class with no fee but passes bought online are subject to a £1.50 fee.